Woman calls 911 with her toes after her hands get crushed while changing tire

by Editorial Team

A North Carolina woman was in excruciating pain after her hands got trapped while changing a tire, but with some superhuman determination and creative thinking, she was able to summon help.

According to Colleton County Fire-Rescue, the unnamed woman from Charlotte got a flat tire while driving on the Interstate and pulled over into a dark area. While replacing the tire with a spare, the jack slipped and caused both her hands to be crushed between the tire and the fender.

Trapped and in awful pain, over the course of 35 minutes she was able to slip off one shoe and manipulate her cell phone. After “many attempts,” she managed to call 911 and explain what happened. Fire-rescue units arrived and freed one hand with a pry bar, then used a hydraulic spreader to lift the car and free the other hand.

Paramedics treated the woman at the scene and then brought her to the hospital. Though they didn’t specify the exact injuries, or whether any of it was permanent, authorities say that the woman suffered “severe damage to both hands and all fingers.”

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