Will Delta Variant Cancel American’s European Vacation?

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C. (Washington Insider Magazine) –  Americans may already be worried that their summer vacation to Europe may be changed because of the Delta virus. However, things look good as long as Europeans continue taking the vaccines.

The Delta virus – first seen in India – is sweeping across England and has now entered the United States. Rates for infections in England have gone up since Mid-May “to a high of 11,007 cases last Thursday.” There are 60 percent of the English with two vaccines and 80 percent have had one vaccine. Now, 99 percent of infections are due to the Delta virus. The uptake in infections has put a delay on full reopening in the England until mid-July.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said that a third wave in “certainly underway” in Wales. They have followed England’s plan to delay opening fully.

America as well as Europe are watching closely to see if there is “severe illness and deaths.” Since the Delta virus as landed on our shores, we are interested in what happens in England.

England has remained stable with a low death rate, and mostly the figures are in single digits on a daily basis. “Hospitalizations have been creeping up this month – in line with analysis from Scotland that found the variant doubles the risk of hospitalization.” A real problem with the virus came when 425 travelers from India arrived in England during the first part of April. England wasn’t fully vaccinated since only 23 percent of people had had two vaccines. 

The virus may have spread, then, because of low vaccination rate. ”The dose count is crucial in assessing the risk of the Delta variant, as two shots provide significantly better protection than one.”

The countries of Germany, Ireland, and Belgium “are staying vigilant.” They are being very careful on having stricter entry requirements for people coming into the country. These countries as well as most of Europe have opened up to a near normal degree. “Bars and restaurants are buzzing, terraces are teaming, and gyms are pumping.”



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