Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s dad: ‘I knows she’s telling the truth’

by Editorial Team

The father of Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre is standing by her side, saying he “knows she’s telling the truth” about being forced to have sex with the royal and that he now fears for her safety.

Sky Roberts defended his now 36-year-old daughter in an interview Tuesday with “Good Morning Britain” — a day after Giuffre’s one-hour sitdown with BBC aired in which she tearfully detailed her “disgusting” time with the prince.

“I know she’s telling the truth. My daughter is — she’s a good girl, she really is,” Sky said on the morning talk show. “She’s really brave to be going through all of this.”

Giuffre said she was just 17 when she was sent at the behest of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the Duke of York. She’s since become one of the most vocal Epstein victims.

“Yes, I do fear for Virginia’s safety. There’s a lot of powerful people alive now, but she’s just telling the truth,” Sky Roberts said in the interview, according to the UK’s Mirror.

The father also expressed regret that he had no idea his daughter was allegedly being sexually abused as a teen.

“I wish I had known all this stuff was going on but I didn’t. As a parent, you kind of ask the question, how do you not know that your children are doing this? But she’s a very good actress,” he explained. “When she would come home from these trips, she said nothing about it. It must’ve been killing her inside.”

Sky Roberts added, “I feel really sorry that all this happened, but it did happen and Prince Andrew should pay for it.”

Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming in his own train-wreck interview that he had no recollection of meeting Giuffre.

Sky Roberts said he insisted on meeting Epstein before Giuffre began working with him and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell as a massage therapist — but found nothing amiss.

“At that time, there was nothing about Epstein being a pedophile or any of his dealings or what was going on with him. He looked like a regular guy to me,” he recalled.


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