U.S.-Canada Border Could Open in August

by Jan Frazier

Ottawa, Canada (Washington Insider Magazine) –   Fully vaccinated Americans could go across the U.S.-Canadian border as early as mid-August. On Thursday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a call to premiers.

A readout of the conversation said that “Trudeau’s provincial and territorial counterparts expressed their support of reopening plans and agreed on the importance of ensuring clarity and predictability as initial steps are taken.”

According to the readout, U.S. citizens and permanent residents could go into Canada if the restrictions are eased. As long as current vaccinations as well as Covid-19 trends continue on a “positive path,” then “Canada would be in a position to welcome fully vaccinated travellers from all countries by early September.’

According to Deputy Chief Health Officer, Howard Njoo, one dose of the vaccine has been given to 80 percent of Canadians, and 53 percent of the population are fully vaccinated against the virus. 

The United States’ rates are not as high as Canada’s – 56 percent have been given one dose and more than 48 percent are fully vaccinated.

Once 75 percent of the Canadians are fully vaccinated, then Trudeau will release the border restrictions.

Representative Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) and New York State Assembly member, Jonathan Rivera, have both put pressure on Trudeau. The two men issued a “joint statement earlier this month,” asking Trudeau and the Canadian government to open the border, saying “the necessity for such drastic measures has now expired.”

The statement further read, “We respectfully request that Canadian officials use the powers defined by their offices to end the border closure for good on July 21 and return our two great nations to a place of storied camaraderie.”

At the Midwestern Legislative Conference on Wednesday, the legislators unanimously passed a resolution asking “the White House and Canadian governments to strike a deal to ease restriction to allow fully vaccinated travelers across the U.S.-Canada border.”


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