Trump rips ‘Do Nothing Democrats’ on Twitter as impeachment hearings resume

by Editorial Team

After firing off more than 100 tweets or re-tweets on Sunday — mostly attacking Democrats and the impeachment proceedings targeting him — President Trump picked up where he left off on Monday as the hearings resumed.

“Read the Transcripts!” the president tweeted, referring to the rough transcript of his July 25 call with Ukraine President Voldymyr Zelensky, which sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Trump tweeted as Daniel Golden, counsel for the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, was outlining the case against the president during a Judiciary Committee hearing.

Earlier, he touted the economy and tweeted posts backing him and attacking Democrats.

“The best Economy ever!” he wrote with a link to an CNBC story on the booming US economy.

“The Do Nothing Democrats are a disgrace!” he wrote in another.

Politico reported early Monday that the president, who had a quiet Sunday schedule, tweeted or retweeted 105 posts ripping Democrats, the impeachment inquiry and the “fake news.”


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