The U.S. Will Use Counter Cyberattacks

by Jan Frazier

Geneva, Switzerland (Washington Insider Magazine) –   During the Wednesday conferences, Biden warned Putin that the U.S. “would use offensive cyber operations in the future unless the Kremlin clamps down on cyber strikes against the U.S.”

Biden told reporters that he was sure that Putin understood the consequences if Russia doesn’t change its ways. “He knows I will take action,” Biden concluded. Biden pointed out to Putin that America has “significant cyber capability.” 

Biden added, “He knows it. He doesn’t know exactly what it is, but he knows it’s significant. If in fact they violate these basic norms, we will respond.”

These definitive remarks were the strongest comments that Biden made to Putin on Wednesday. Biden made sure that Putin understood that we believed these recently-based criminal activities were attributed to the Kremlin. This included “the recent hack of the Colonial Pipeline that threatened to throw the country’s gas market into turmoil.”

Lawmakers in the U.S. had wanted Biden to get tough with Putin. Biden made it clear that “certain areas of critical infrastructure should be off-limits for cyberattacks.” A list of sixteen sectors that should be free of tampering was provided to Putin.

Biden said to the reporters, “The principal is one thing; it has to be backed up by practice. Responsible countries need to take action against criminals who conduct ransomware activities on their territory.”

Biden also told reporters that the “two sides had agreed for task experts in both countries to work on specific understandings about what’s off-limits.”

Putin mentioned in one of his press conferences that America and its allies had been “carrying out most of the cyberattacks in his country.” Biden did not comment.


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