The Insurrection Isn’t Over

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C. (Washington Insider Magazine)  The Republican party is more in power now than ever before concerning the lies that led to the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6. It was meant to be a peaceful transfer of power, but Republicans didn’t see it that way, and recently the Republicans have “killed” a bipartisan bill which was meant to create “a commission to investigate the insurrection.”

Many questions concerning the attack could have been answered with the bipartisan commission. One such key question could have been answered — what part did former President Donald Trump and key lawmakers play in the involvement of the insurrection? However, it has been established that Republicans “don’t want Trump to be held accountable for his effort to subvert democracy by insisting the election was stolen.”

The stolen election lie that powered the January 6 riot now “inspires voter suppression legislation that could be used by partisan forces to prevent Democrats from winning in 2022 or 2024.” Republicans are now attempting to change elections to benefit them in the future. In addition, the Republican Party continues to change the 2020 election in such states as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

The Republican Party finds itself in a “increasingly precarious political position in national elections,” and so they continue to focus on the stolen election tale. “Republicans have lost the presidential popular vote in four straight elections and in seven out of the last eight.” This shows that the party is no longer operating as a national majority.

Trump continues to hold power over the Republican Party because of his stolen election myth, which provides a reason for why the party cannot win the popular vote now.

For this reason, Trump or other high lawmakers have the ability to “insist that their supporters cannot trust the nation’s democratic processes and must take dramatic action to overcome them.”

We see the stolen election myth continuing to spread throughout the nation. State GOP chair, David Shafer, performed a “party election audit.” Shafer continues to focus on the thought that the election was not fair, and he blames Trump’s loss on “massive violation of state law, and not on the fact that he got fewer votes than President Joe Biden.”

The state Republicans continue to push and press “new voter suppression laws” designed to make it increasingly more difficult to vote and “easier for partisan Republican officials to control the election process.” And the key to all of this appears to lie in the stolen election myth.


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