The Cuomo brothers — and other liberal, privileged men — have finally outdone themselves

by Editorial Team

(Washington Insider Magazine) – So, will Chris Cuomo, CNN’s most favored blowhard, report tonight on the bombshell findings into his brother’s long-term sexual predation?

My educated guess: No. Why would he? He didn’t last night, he won’t tonight, and he never will, no matter how his brother goes down.

Cuomo the Younger is but one example of privileged, liberal men, high on their own self-regard, who have really outdone themselves this week.

Let’s look at our disgraced governor Andrew. The deluge of credible accusations leveled against him months ago — truly despicable stuff — wasn’t enough to shame him from office. (Nor were the nursing home deaths he covered up, but that’s another story.)

No, this self-styled feminist doubled down, seeming to out one of his own family members in telling the attorney general’s independent investigators that he only kept asking one young staffer about her sexual assault because a very close family member had been sexually assaulted in high school and this had made him extra-sensitive.

A new low, even for him.

There is no longer any debate as to what Gov. Cuomo did, how he abused his power, and what he truly thinks of women.

If #MeToo is to mean anything, Andrew Cuomo must go.

So too must Chris be ousted from his perch at CNN. As we now know, Chris secretly advised his brother to gut out this scandal, over a series of crisis talks, despite a pronounced conflict of interest.

Not only that — the AG report reveals that Chris was also given secret and privileged information from the Executive Branch during the crisis, helped draft at least one of his brother’s denials, and made decisions that impacted employees of the State. These are serious breaches of journalistic ethics.

I know, I know: Chris isn’t really a journalist. He just plays one on TV. But still — how can CNN expect to be taken seriously with this guy still on the air?

Remember, it was Chris who told his audience, with his usual soupçon of smugness, that he couldn’t cover the governor’s scandal because they were brothers. This, despite Chris hosting his brother near-nightly at the height of the pandemic.

If logic has no place in Chris Cuomo’s ethical code, how can he be trusted to deliver the news?

And let’s not forget Chris faking his re-entry from the basement, where he’d been isolating with COVID, even though he’d been breaking quarantine all over the Hamptons like the entitled, virtue-signaling hypocrite he is.

But this was Tuesday, and the news cycle can give you whiplash. Perhaps the Cuomos were hoping reports of President Obama’s massive, 500-guest birthday blowout at his $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate this weekend, with 200 servers on hand, might become the next focus of public outrage.

After all, as “one set of rules for me, another for thee” goes, this was pretty egregious stuff.

But Obama, in an unusual show of humility, reconsidered. He’s reportedly scaling way down. Perhaps this howl from a local worker resonated:

“His birthday party is insane,” one of Obama’s caterers told The Post on Monday. “His bash is a nightmare to pull off this time of year on the tiny island — especially due to the lack of labor due to the coronavirus. What is he thinking?”

Obama was probably thinking that super-spreader events are only for Trumpers — and that he, of course, was doing it right. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Obama in his brief time since leaving office, it’s that he cares more about wealth, celebrity and Netflix deals than lending his halo effect to any substantial, non-profit-making post-presidential work.

And this brings us to Matt Damon, last week the subject of glowing profiles as the savior of movies for grown-ups. So confident is Damon in his greatness that he told the UK Sunday Times that, up until a few months ago, he often tossed around what he called “the f-word for homosexual” until his daughter told him it was wrong.

Matt Damon, 50 years old, raging liberal and self-identified intellectual — one who preaches to us all on climate change while flying private, or the importance of public schools while sending his kids to private ones — expects us to believe that he didn’t know the meaning and weight of this word?

It gets even better. After massive backlash online — Damon’s new movie, in which he plays an American oil rigger in MAGA drag, already a bomb — he issued a statement claiming that he never, ever, ever used the f-slur. Ever.

Here’s the thing: If Matt Damon had never said that word or told that story, if the UK Sunday Times got it wrong or made it up, Matt Damon would be suing that paper for millions in libel damages — and not for nothing, libel laws in the UK are harder on the press than they are here.

If Damon had a case, you’d better believe he’d make it.

But he’s not. Instead, Damon is running to Variety — and after reading this fantasy version of events, you have to wonder why any publication would dare give it their imprimatur.

“During a recent interview, I recalled a discussion I had with my daughter where I attempted to contextualize for her the progress that has been made — though by no means completed — since I was growing up in Boston and, as a child, heard the word ‘f-g’ used on the street before I knew what it even referred to,” Damon said in part. “I have never called anyone f—-t in my personal life and this conversation with my daughter was not a personal awakening.”

If you believe that, Chris Cuomo has a story tonight he’d rather not tell you.


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