Texas teens rescue cancer patient from burning car

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Three teenage boys from Texas were hailed as heroes after they rescued a cancer patient who was trapped in his burning car.

Brett Patterson, Luke Thane and Keith Richards of Stamford, Texas, were driving when they came across a burning vehicle. They stopped and realized a man, Mondo Mendoza, was still inside.

“We were driving up and we saw a light in the distance and we thought it was just a small grass fire. Those happen all the time,” Luke Thane told KTXS 12 News. “But we passed by a car and that car was on fire and there was a man inside that car on fire as well.”

The trio called 911 and pulled Mendoza out of the vehicle with the help of a fourth person, Cato Macias, who had stopped to help them.

Mendoza had been on his way home from a cancer treatment when his car caught fire. After he was rescued, he tried to return to the car to retrieve his medication, but the boys kept him back.

“Your medication is replaceable, your life is not,” Thane said to the man before his car exploded.

“[The explosion] shot debris and metal pieces on fire on the other side where we were,” Richards said.

Mendoza suffered third-degree burns on his legs, but no one else was injured.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me that and congratulations, but I don’t really think that,” said Richards. “I was doing what anybody else would do. If you see something like that happen, then you should act on it.”

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