Texas special congressional election tests Trump’s enduring appeal in GOP

by Editorial Team

TEXAS, (Washington Insider Magazine) – A Congressional election deep in the heart of Texas is set to test the strength of former President Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party.

Voters in a GOP-leaning district based in the Fort Worth area go to the polls Saturday in a very crowded race to pick a replacement for Republican Rep. Ron Wright, who died of COVID.

The race may well go to a runoff if, as expected, none of the 23 candidates wins 50% of what should be a fairly low-turnout affair.

Trump is backing Wright’s widow, Susan, a nod that may give her the upper hand over state Rep. Jake Ellzey, who is seen as her main competition in the Sixth Congressional district that includes big chunks of Fort Worth and Arlington as well deep-red rural areas.

“Go out and vote for Susan Wright,” Trump said Saturday in an email message to supporters. “She will be strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment. She will never let you down.”

Wright’s supporters have accused Ellzey of being insufficiently loyal to Trump, pointing to his acceptance of a donation from #NeverTrump conservative Bill Kristol.

There are 11 GOP candidates in all, including dark horses like Dan Rodimer, a pro-Trump former professional wrestler who moved from Nevada to run, and a Korean-American lawmaker who made headlines for the wrong reasons when she made virulently anti-Chinese remarks.

Democrats are hoping to continue to ride the potent #BlueWave that brought once heavily Republican suburban areas in their crosshairs during the Trump era.

Once a shoo-in for the GOP, the district has trended strongly blue in recent contests. Trump outpolled President Biden by just 3% last November, even though Wright won reelection by a comfortable margin of nearly 10%.

The Democratic front-runner appears to be Jana Lynn Sanchez, who ran a credible race against Ron Wright in 2018.

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