Texas boy who received magnifying glass for Christmas sets family’s front yard on fire

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A 12-year-old boy in Texas who received a magnifying glass as a Christmas gift ended up setting his family’s front yard on fire.

Cayden Parson said he was only trying to set some newspaper on fire but it quickly spread to the grass at the family’s McKinney home, according to Fox 4 in Texas.

“Cayden asked for a magnifying glass for Christmas,” his mother, Nissa-Lynn Parson, said in a Facebook video. “We thought, ‘Oh, he wants to magnify something.’ No, he wanted to see if he can make fire with it, and they did.”

“Make sure you know what your kids want and what they’re going to do with their presents,” Nissa-Lynn added.

“I just wanted to start a little fire,” her son, Cayden, said.

According to Nissa-Lynn Parson, the boy and two of his brothers came running inside to report the grass was burning so she and her husband sprang into action to douse the flames.

Naturally, it being Christmas morning, several members of the family were in matching pairs of pajamas.

The fire didn’t do too much damage, but mom intends to set some new rules for the prized magnifying glass.

“I want it, like, for reading or words,” Nissa-Lynn said.

She added that there will be yard work waiting for Cayden in the spring.

While the boy claims to have learned his lesson, his mom told Fox 4 that they won’t forget this story any time soon.

“This will be a story passed down to generations and generations. ‘Remember the one year you lit the lawn on fire?’ Yeah, this will be a story that lasts a long time,” Nissa-Lynn said.

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