Republicans Lied and Fueled Insurrection

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C. (Washington Insider Magazin )  It was just last week that 35 Republicans in the Senate stopped a bipartisan effort that would have created an organization to investigate the January 6 riot. Only the previous week, 175 Republicans of the House opposed creating the same commission. The January 6 insurrection was, undoubtedly, the “greatest attack on American democracy since the Civil War.”

One has to ask why a U.S. senator or member of Congress would possibly want to go against an independent organization that wanted to investigate the January 6 riot – an insurrection that was “aimed squarely at undermining American democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.”

To answer these questions, we must look at several circumstances. First, the lie about the presidential election had been stolen from Donald Trump was paramount. Next, “that lie helped motivate a white supremacist mob of Trump’s supporters to smash their way into the Capitol.” There were even plans to try to kill Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Vice President Mike Pence.

Republicans don’t want “these dots” to be connected as we head into the elections of 2022. Also, the Republicans don’t want “to get on Trump’s bad side” by supporting an organization ”that would show, in detail, how his lie incited an attack on democracy that left five people dead, hundreds of police officers injured, and countless others traumatized.”

The Republican party wants Americans to continue to believe the lie. The Republicans statewide use the lie to pass bills that show restriction of “ways that would disproportionately hurt communities of color.” There have been 389 restrictive bills introduced in 49 states, and 22 restrictive laws have been past in 14 states.

It is not by chance ”that the four states where Republicans have filed the most bills aimed at restricting voting – Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – were some of the closest states in the 2020” election.

In addition, it’s not by chance that “of the 147 House and Senate Republicans” who wanted the election overturned in January, 139 of those GOP members voted “to stop an independent commission from investigating the insurrection.” Everything is connected with the hope that they can preserve the lie.


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