Rep. Steve King mad at Land o’ Lakes butter for axing stereotypical Native American woman from package

by Editorial Team

A right wing Iowa congressman has found a new target — and it’s right there in your dairy aisle.

Rep. Steve King is blasting Land o’ Lakes butter for removing a stereotypical image of a Native American woman from its packaging.

He accused liberal thought police of bullying the farmer-owned cooperative into making the change.

“The PC millenials have taken over at Land O’ Lakes,” King wrote on Twitter.

The Minnesota-based dairy firm has featured Mia, the ubiquitous so-called “Indian maiden,” from its boxes and wrappers since it was founded in 1921.

Land O’ Lakes actually announced the shift in February, but a press release did not explicitly mention removing the image. Native Americans and other advocates have spent years battling similar images including mascots for sports teams like the Atlanta Braves and Washington Redskins.

The new packaging includes the same blue lake, green pine trees, yellow horizon as before. It just doesn’t include the cross-legged Native American woman.

“We’ve recognized we need packaging that reflects the foundation and heart of our company culture,” CEO Beth Ford said.


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