Rep. Hakeem Jeffries ‘clarifies’ a thing or two about impeachment

by Editorial Team

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries brought a history lesson to the House floor — and did it with a Brooklyn accent.

The Crown Heights lawmaker told the debate over President Trump’s impeachment there is a big difference between dividing the American people and “clarifying” things about our democracy.

And Jeffries insisted: this isn’t the first such moment.

“Slavery once divided the nation but emancipated rose up to clarify that all men are created equally,” said Jeffries. “Jim Crow once divided the nation but civil rights rose up (and clarified that) all are entitled to equal protection under the law.”

Jeffries, the chair of the Democratic caucus, is the No. 5 Democrat in the House and could be in line to be speaker one day.

Like other members of the Democratic leadership, he resisted impeachment until the Ukraine scandal broke with its allegations of “stunning abuse of power.”

Midway through a daylong parade of lawmakers, Jeffries ticked off Trump’s alleged abuses, including undermining national security and seeking to corrupt democracy.

“We’ll clarify that in America that no one is above the law,” Jeffries said.


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