Relax Mask Mandates

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C.  (Washington Insider Magazine)  The nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Sunday that America can relax some of the mask mandates. The country can “start being more liberal.” Covid-19 vaccinations have continued to climb.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, agreed that the requirements of the masks could be relaxed as the numbers for Covid-19 fall.

Fauci agreed that the Covid-19 numbers are falling as more people get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have continued to update their guidelines on the masks. Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week,” that as we “get more people vaccinated, the number of cases per day will absolutely go down.”

However, Fauci added that the cases in the U.S. Are still too high. “We’re averaging about 43,000 a day. We’ve got to get it much, much lower than that. When that gets lower, the risk of any infection indoor or outdoor diminishes dramatically.”

Fauci’s commented to the U.S. audience that the CDC said that “the coronavirus is spread primarily through airborne transmission, rather than its previous thoughts that the virus was largely acquired through close contact, not respiratory droplets.”

The CDC has relaxed some of its guidelines by telling fully vaccinated people that they don’t need to wear their masks outside while in small groups. However, it is still a good thing for people to wear their masks at all times when in public and in large groups. 

Fauci was interviewed a separate time with NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Fauci noted that in the future, we may choose to wear our masks when respiratory illnesses, such as the flu, are spreading throughout the community.

Fauci added, “I think people have gotten used to the fact that wearing masks clearly diminishes respiratory diseases.” The flu was nearly nonexistent this year because people were “doing the kind of public health things that were directed predominantly against Covid-19.”

Fauci said on Sunday that he believes that the number of people in the U.S.  Who died from Covid-19 was actually higher than the tally of 577,000.  A study was done by the University of Washington “estimated the figure may be closer to 905,000 deaths.”

Fauci agreed on “Meet the Press.” “I think there’s no doubt that we are and have been undercutting. You know, we’re living through a historic pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over 100 years.”


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