‘Offensive’ Auschwitz-themed skating outfit booted from top-costume contest

by Editorial Team

The International Skating Union this week included an outfit made of Auschwitz uniforms worn by a Russian skater among a “best costume” list — then removed it and said it was included by mistake after a public outcry.

The costume, which includes a Star of David and elements of Auschwitz guard uniforms, was worn by Anton Shulepov while he skated to the theme from Schindler’s List during a free skate routine in November.

The ISU included the costume in a contest that allows fans to vote for their favorite outfits worn by skaters on Sunday.

The organization removed it from the list by Monday morning, saying they intended to include a costume Shulepov wore to another skating event.

“The ISU regrets that by error the wrong costume (Free Skating instead of Short Program costume) of Mr. Shulepov has been presented for voting,” the ISU wrote on Twitter.

“This error has been corrected and the ISU sincerely apologizes for this mistake and the bad sentiments it has caused,” they added.

In a statement to the Guardian newspaper, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League said the costume was “offensive.”

“While we understand the need for skaters to be creative in their choice of costumes, Anton Shulepov’s apparent decision to evoke painful Holocaust imagery as part of his routine was insensitive and offensive,” Jonathan Greenblatt said.

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