Northwest Heat Wave

by Jan Frazier

Seattle, Washington (Washington Insider Magazine) – The House Republicans created a new caucus just last week; however, their policy positions amid these record temperatures haven’t changed.

Last week, the new Conservative Climate Caucus was formed in order to show that the Republicans were going to do something about the growing threats to the planet. This caucus was established by three lawmakers from the Northwest and dozens of other Republican colleagues.

And now there is silence amid the devastating heatwave which has hit the Northwest.

The trio – Representatives Cliff Bentz of Oregon, Dan Newhouse of Washington state, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state – have been largely silent as the “heatwave shattered temperature records, melted streetcar power cables, and caused rolling blackouts.” Experts say that these are all symptoms of the earth’s warming cycle that scientists say will become more and more common in the future.

Alex Flint, executive director of Alliance for Market Solutions, an organization of conservatives seeking market-friendly climate policies, stated, “Conservatives are learning to think differently about climate change, but they don’t yet know what to think. Despite this new approach, many conservatives are not yet comfortable with the scale of the policy needed to address climate change.”

The Republicans have shown mild responses in the past about the floods, hurricanes, and other weather-linked disasters, and now, hey seem to lack responses to the incredible heatwave in their own regions. 

McMorris Rodgers of Washington state continues to criticize not only President Joe Biden. but also Democrats in general. McMorris Rodgers sees the “climate proposals as too expensive and grandiose in what she slammed Tuesday as the left’s ‘rush to green’ agenda.”

McMorris Rodgers said at a committee hearing on Tuesday that “Democrats’ push for massive spending on wind, solar, and new electric transmission would burden workers and families.” McMorris Rodgers then added, “Proposals to slash greenhouse gas pollution by 2030 could take us backward to a time before reliable electricity and modern conveniences.”

Last week, a bipartisan infrastructure bill was announced, and progressive Democrats are upset over the lack of climate measures. However, Republicans are warning – over the same bill – “against any linkage between that $1.2 trillion measure and an ore climate-focused bill that could promote clean energy and electric vehicles that Democrats are expected to push on their own.”

Climate experts are telling lawmakers that any climate-control measures that we adopt on our own won’t stop “catastrophic changes, including devastating storms, droughts, and worsening heat waves.” The climate experts were directly referring to the heat wave that has driven the summer temperature in Seattle “to levels 35 degrees over the normal June highs.”

Flint stated that the Republicans are headed into “climate-politics, turf while the reality is setting in.” The party “does not want to endorse Democrats’ proposals that would curb fossil fuels.”

Flint added, “They see the evidence, they acknowledge the reality, but they don’t want to embrace progressives’ climate policies because everything in Washington is political.”


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