New Spotify features: miniplayer for Facebook and improved library UI design

by Timi Kahinde

New York (Washington Insider Magazine) Spotify has announced the arrival of some new features to its platform. Earlier last month, the streaming music service launched ‘Hey Spotify’, a voice assistant that lets users quickly access and control the app on iOS and Android devices. Last week, the company announced that it will be improving the user experience with the miniplayer for Facebook and updated library user interface design. 

Miniplayer on Facebook 

The “share” function will be extended to support full playback of shared music or episode directly on Facebook through the miniplayer. Currently, music shared on Facebook routes users to the Spotify app to play the full-length song or podcast episode. The new miniplayer will allow users to enjoy complete listening without leaving the app, according to Spotify. Depending on their subscription plan, users can either enjoy an ad-free playback mode or shuffle mode with commercials on the Facebook app. The instructions to get started with this feature are listed here

Improved library UI design 

In addition to the Facebook partnership, the company also said the library is getting an upgrade to allow users to explore their collection and search content more easily. The current interface has two tabs. Under the music tab, users can view their playlists, artists they are following, and favorite albums. The podcasts tab includes the episodes, downloads, and shows. 

The new home screen will integrate the music and podcasts tabs, and search results will include a combination of albums, artists and podcasts. A new dynamic filter will also be implemented for users to enjoy more refined search results.

In addition to improvements to the search function, users will also be able to switch between grid and list views for better visual browsing, and bookmark their favorite playlists, albums, and podcasts with the pin option.  

These updates are expected to be available on iOS and Android devices soon.


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