Nebraska man dies after becoming trapped in grain bin, police say

by Editorial Team

A Nebraska man died after he became trapped in a grain bin Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Police received a call around 2:50 p.m. that the man, later identified as Kelly J. Burbach, became trapped in the grain bin, according to a statement from Sheriff Larry Koranda at the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office sent to the Daily News.

The grain bin was located five miles east and one mile south of Hartington, which is approximately 150 miles northwest of Omaha.

People were able to pull Burbach out of the container, but he died a short time later at the scene, the sheriff said.

Burbach, who was from Coleridge — a town approximately 10 miles south of Hartington — was an employee of Hansen Farms, which is also in Coleridge, according to a police statement.

The United Support Memorial for Workplace Fatalities Nebraska’s Workers’ Memorial Day Facebook Page — a nonprofit that provides support to those whose family members have died in work-related accidents — shared a post offering their condolences to Burbach’s relatives and friends.

“Our thoughts are going out to the family and friends of Kelly J. Burbach as he was fatally injured due to a work related incident yesterday,” the nonprofit said in a social media statement.

Grain-bin accidents are not an unknown occurrence around the U.S.

In November, a 25-year-old South Carolina man fell into a grain silo and died. In September, an Indiana man died after he was electrically shocked while working on a grain bin in Kansas.


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