Kim Kardashian West accused of blackface in new photoshoot

by Editorial Team

Kim Kardashian West’s “dream” quickly turned into a nightmare.

The reality show star posted photos on social media Thursday from her cover with magazine “7HOLLYWOOD,” writing “What a Dream” — but Twitter users instantly sounded off in the comments, accusing her of wearing blackface due to what some called a darkened complexion.

While the photoshoot drew some comparisons to “old Hollywood” actresses Sophia Loren and the late Elizabeth Taylor, others were quick to call out 39-year-old.

“You helped get some Black people out of jail & you thought we were going to let this slide? Nah!” internet personality Jerome Trammel wrote. “They want our shade but not our struggle.. I’m ready to get the f–k, ASAP!”

Another user said “that’s literally blackface” in response to Kardashian’s tweet.

“Interesting take on the traditional garden variety disrespectful blackface. It’s a whole lot different BEING a woman of color than PRETENDING to be one. You couldn’t handle being a woman of color in this country let alone the world. You think it’s fun & games to just play black and screw black tho. This is insulting, and you’re obnoxious,” one user commented on Instagram.

“It’s not cool or cute. No I don’t feel honored as a black woman. Some fear us first bc [sic] of our chocolate, they hate & mistreat us. And you want to wear it like an accessory? Go rinse off our struggle! Anything for publicity,” another user wrote.

While some may have drawn comparisons to Taylor and Loren, others pointed out likeness between the images of Kardashian and other black actresses, including Diahann CarrollAngela BassettEartha Kitt and Beyoncé in the movie “Dream Girls.”

One user said, “you’re not black kim.”

Others accused Kardashian of “blackfishing,” which is when a person pretends to be black. Social media influencers have been accused of “blackfishing” by faking their race on social media.

“BLACKFISH!! I had to take a good 3 looks to realize it was you,” one person commented.

Kardashian had yet to respond publicly to the accusations as of Friday morning.

This is not the first time Kardashian has been accused of blackface. In 2017, she received backlash when her skin tone appeared darkened in photos for a new campaign for her makeup line, KKW Beauty.


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