Joe Biden looks like Iowa’s biggest loser by slamming credibility of results after stumbling to defeat

by Editorial Team

The one sure thing about Iowa? Joe Biden looks like the biggest loser.

The Democratic front runner stumbled badly in the first in the nation caucus — and then lashed out at the credibility of the voting process.

Even though no official results were out, Biden’s own campaign admitted Tuesday morning that he finished only in the top four.

Some analysts predict Biden barely edged out Sen. Amy Klobuchar for fourth place, a humiliating position for the former vice president who enjoys near-universal name recognition.

Biden may have made things even worse by dramatically questioning the validity of the results even once they are announced.

The Biden complaints also echoed Trump’s attack on the Democratic caucus process, not a good look in a primary environment dominated by extreme opposition to the president.

Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor whose campaign has drawn little attention, blasted Biden for “acting like Donald Trump.”

“One candidate is calling the results into question because he apparently didn’t do well,” Patrick said. “Our party and our country deserve better.”

Up to now, it was Sen. Bernie Sanders whose campaign has been most likely to complain about the Democratic Party process. Some of his supporters still blame the Democratic National Committee for backing Hillary Clinton in their contentious 2016 contest. Clinton, on the other hand, has bitterly accused Sanders and his backers of failing to strongly support her in November, opening the door to Trump’s shocking win.

Biden is facing another difficult test in the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday. He is polling second or third in the Granite State, which has traditionally leaned heavily to more liberal candidates, especially those from New England.

Biden’s strategy rests strongly on riding out the first two contests, then winning in Nevada and South Carolina, where polls say the black vote is strongly behind him.

Biden could be particularly hurt if Pete Buttigieg winds up being declared the winner in Iowa. Mayor Pete draws support from the moderate wing of the party, although he enjoys little support so far from black and Latino voters.


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