Jeffrey Epstein reportedly wanted to marry ex-girlfriend’s teen daughter, a scheme the girl knew nothing about, source says

by Editorial Team

Jeffrey Epstein once floated the idea of marrying the teen daughter of an ex-lover, even though the girl was more than 40 years younger and called him “Uncle Jeff,” according to a new report.

The late pedophile told associates in 2014 that if he ever married, he would want it to be with Celina Dubin, the then 19-year-old daughter of former flame Dr. Eva Andersson Dubin, a source told Business Insider.

A source close to the Dubins confirmed to the Daily News Wednesday that Celina had no knowledge of what Epstein reportedly was saying about her.

Epstein dated Eva for years before the former Miss Sweden married billionaire businessman Glenn Dubin in 1994.

The future sex offender, who died Aug. 10 in a jail cell hanging ruled a suicide, helped pay Eva’s way through medical school, according to the Palm Beach Post.


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