January 6 Attacks Get a Second Look by Democrats

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C. (Washington Insider Magazine) Details on Congress’ response to the January 6 insurrection at the Washington, D.C., Capitol have been unveiled by the Democrats. Billions of dollars will have to be spent to address security flaws. There also needs to be “a bipartisan September 11-style commission to investigate the root of the attack.”

Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), House Appropriations Chairman, “released a $1.9 billion emergency funding bill that would provide tens of millions of dollars to the Capitol Police Department, foot the bill for deploying National Guard soldiers at the complex, and authorize funding for future security needs.”

DeLauro stated that the needs of the Capitol are immense, so it is now imperative that this legislation should be passed to protect not only the Capitol building but also the people who work and visit the Capitol.

The $200-million bill would first help the Capitol police by giving them body cameras. Millions of dollars would be used for mental health issues as well as overtime for a “Capitol Police force long understaffed and still reeling from the deaths of several officers in the aftermath of the insurrection.” Howard Liebengood, a Capitol police officer, actually committed suicide after the insurrection, and the “bill would rename the Capitol Police’s wellness center for him.”

In addition, a bipartisan commission is needed to thoroughly look at all of the events that led up to the attack. The GOP’s top negotiator backs this plan; however, Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, believes that the “panel’s scope should expand beyond the January 6 attack.”

Discussing these issues made for “an intense week in the House that ripped open unhealed wounds from the Capitol siege.” A few Republicans are still trying to downplay the insurrection. One main question is whether or not the House can actually move forward or if “the partisan split will only worsen.”

Nancy Pelosi stated, “It is imperative that we seek the truth of what happened on January 6 with an independent, bipartisan 9/11-type Commission to examine and report upon the facts, causes, and security relating to the terrorist mob attack.”

Pelosi announced that it’s possible that the bill for the January 6 attack could hit the floor “as soon as next week.” The entire study of the events leading up to the January 6 attack will be modeled after “events leading up to the September 11 terrorist attacks.”


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