Influx of Migrants in U.S.

by Jan Frazier

Nogales, Arizona (Washington Insider Magazin )  President Joe Biden has these past months used “an open-handed approach to migrants coming to the U.S.” With this approach, Biden has hoped to “undo Donald Trump’s border policies” of keeping migrants out of the U.S. 

Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security said that the migrant situation “isn’t a crisis, but a challenge” at this time. Compared to January 2020, more than twice as many migrants – approximately 80,000 — attempted to cross the border illegally in January 2021.  Still, this doesn’t constitute a crisis; however, it could turn into one.

“U.S. Border Patrol has already begun releasing migrants into U.S. Towns on the border, and the number of minors arriving per day is four times higher than in October.”

With not enough beds to accommodate migrant children, reports have been sent to Biden warning him that the influx of migrant children is great. Axios reports that 117,000 unaccompanied migrant children will swarm the border towns this year. In addition, the fact remains that 20,000l more beds will be needed.

Health and Human Services take care of finding people to take the migrant children. They have already started to expedite the children to U.S. adults and even “paying their transportation costs.”

Former President Donald Trump had a “notorious zero-tolerance policy” which caused family separation at the border. By the end of his term, though, “he had created an entirely reasonable system based on his lawful authorities to impose order at the border, while still allowing asylum seekers to apply for asylum in the U.S.”

Biden has disposed of all of this arrangement that Trump had incorporated. For one thing, Biden “has created an exception for unaccompanied minors.” This has developed into an incentive “for families to send children under age 18.”

Under the Trump administration and the Migration Protection Protocols – also known as Remain in Mexico – these procedures have stopped Central American migrants from coming into the U.S. until their asylum claims had been decided. This was a good decision on the part of Trump because originally the asylum seekers “were allowed into the U.S. while their claims were considered.”

The problem with this arrangement was that even if the asylum claim was rejected, the overwhelming majority of migrants stayed in the U.S. Unfortunately, our government “lacked the will and resources to track down and deport” the asylum seekers.

Biden has gotten rid of the Migrant Protection Protocols. There will be no more new asylum seekers; however, everyone who has been at the border will be admitted to the U.S. 

Trump’s thoughts were that people who were being persecuted in their own country need not come all the way to the U.S. to escape persecution. They might find solace in a neighboring country. If we allow them into the U.S., this constitutes a new problem – “the more who are allowed in the more will come.”


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