Hero immigrant used 5-foot long narwhal tusk to take down London Bridge terrorist

by Editorial Team

A hero kitchen manager used a historic narwhal tusk to take down the suspected terrorist who stabbed two people to death in a bloody rampage near London Bridge, police said Saturday.

The Polish immigrant, identified only as Lukasz, grabbed the 5-foot tusk off the wall inside Fishmongers’ Hall and chased after the knife-wielding psycho who fled from a historic maritime-themed conference center onto the bridge spanning the River Thames in the heart of London on Friday.

Video posted on social media shows Lukasz and other bystanders wrestle the attacker to the ground as police rush to the scene of the afternoon carnage.

Police shot and killed the suspect, identified as Usman Khan, 28, after he flashed what looked like a suicide vest, but turned out to be a fake.

Lukasz worked in the kitchen of Fishmongers’ Hall, a conference center that was hosting an academic conference on parole and early release for prisoners.

Khan, who was a recently-released prisoner, pulled out a knife while at the conference and started stabbing people. He killed two and wounded three before fleeing onto the picturesque bridge nearby.

Lukasz snatched the tusk, which was on display inside the conference center, and chased after Khan. He helped subdue the attacker with other bystanders before police arrived.

The tusk belonged to a narwhal, a species of whale that is known for its oversized protruding tooth and lives in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada and Russia.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised the hero, who was lightly wounded in the mayhem, as a symbol of the bravery of a diverse city.

“One of the great things about London is its diversity, so I’m not surprised at all,” Khan said.

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