Grab some Gatorade: Museum of Hangovers opens in Croatia

by Editorial Team

Make sure to bring sunglasses and Advil.

A Museum of Hangovers opened earlier this month in Zagreb, Croatia. The one-of-a-kind museum is dedicated to wild “About last night…” stories and filled with objects acquired during hangover-causing escapades.

College student Rino Dubokovic told CNN that he got the idea for the museum while telling hangover stories with his friends as they were out drinking.

This boozy inspiration led to a brick-and-mortar building where people can share their own tales, try various tasks with beer goggles and view bizarre objects that people discovered after waking up hungover, among other activities. A hangover cure is not included.

The Museum of Hangovers opened Dec. 1 in a small space in central Zagreb, but Dubokovic told CNN that he hopes the positive reaction can help him get more funding and move this collection of chaos to a larger location.

The clientele is predictable. According to the Museum of Hangovers Instagram, 51% of its visitors are students.

No word on if Taio Cruz has stopped by yet.


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