French murder suspect swallows poison in court after conviction, survives

by Editorial Team

A man found guilty in a high-profile rape and murder case in France swallowed a pesticide in court following his conviction Friday in an apparent suicide attempt.

The key word, however, is attempt. Willy Bardon awoke from a coma at a French hospital the next day, according to CNA. He is under round-the-clock police surveillance and still in critical condition.

Bardon, 45, had just been convicted of kidnapping and holding a person against their will followed by death relating to the 2002 death of Elodie Kulik, 24. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, CNA reported. He was acquitted on the murder charge.

Kulik was kidnapped, raped, killed and her corpse subsequently burned in January 2002 in Tertry in northern France.

As Kulik was being kidnapped, she made a desperate attempt to contact emergency services, and the 26-second recording played a central role in Bardon’s trial, the BBC reported. Six witnesses testified that his voice could be heard on the tape.

Bardon was convicted at the conclusion of 13-day trial in Amiens, France, on Friday. Seconds after the verdict was read, Bardon swallowed the pesticide Temik, according to CNA.

The prosecution was stunned that Bardon was able to sneak the poison into the court. The BBC reported that Bardon had threatened to kill himself rather than return to prison.

Another suspect in the case, Gregory Wiart, died in 2003.


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