Four people killed in a shooting in Canada

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Friday, 10 August, DC Insider – Four people were killed toady in a shooting in eastern Canada, including two police officers. One suspect has been arrested, according to the Canadian authorities.

Fredericton security officers urged the people in the Brookside neighborhood to remain in their homes, describing it as “active incident.”

“Police continue to have the Brookside area contained for the foreseeable future as the investigation is ongoing,” police added after they caught one of the suspects.

The details of the attack are still unclear. The police of New Brunswick capital, a home for around 60,000 people, is still working on the case.

According to the CBC, the shooting took place is a residential area of the city, and heavily armed police, paramedics and firefighters were in the place.

The CBC quoted Robert DiDiodato, who lives in the area, as saying he heard a series of “firecracker” sounds around 7 am.
“With the tempo, it might’ve been a gunshot,” he said. “It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop.”

“Awful news coming out of Fredericton,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a Twitter after the spread of the news. “My heart goes out to everyone affected by this morning’s shooting. We’re following the situation closely,” he added.

Although gun laws in Canada are stricter than in the United States, a notable gun crime in Canada have been increased dramatically after a proliferation of weapons.
It has been reported that more than 240 shooting incidents took place in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, last year, resulting 30 deaths.
In the east cost of the city of Moncton, three Canadian police officers were killed in a mass shooting, and two others were wounded.

Last month, an armed man opened fire randomly on a busy street, killed two people and wounding 13 others. He later shot himself dead.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility, but the Canadian police said that there is no proof that ISIS is behind the attack.

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