Former Trump campaign spokeswoman AJ Delgado sues over pregnancy discrimination

by Editorial Team

A prominent spokeswoman for then-candidate Donald Trump charges in a new discrimination lawsuit that she was frozen out of his campaign after she became pregnant.

AJ Delgado was an early, vocal supporter of Trump who was hired by his campaign in August 2016. She wrote articles for Breitbart, frequently appeared on television and was regularly praised by Trump himself. But she says in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court late Monday that she went from rising star to liability once she became pregnant around November 2016.

The father was Jason Miller, a married senior staffer on the campaign.

Miller told her she could not be seen “waddling around the White House pregnant,” according to the suit.

Then-Trump press secretary Sean Spicer told Delgado the White House is “no place for a new mom,” papers charge.

Delgado says she nevertheless remained loyal to Trump and sought to keep the matter confidential by settling her claims of discrimination through arbitration. She says that they reached a settlement agreement in May 2017 but that the campaign reneged on the deal.

She seeks unspecified damages for discrimination, breach of contract and other claims.

Miller resigned from Trump’s transition team in December` 2016 amid rumors of the affair. Trump had tapped him to be White House communications director. He’s since been locked in legal battles with Delgado and filed a lawsuit against the website Splinter for reporting on allegations that he slipped a woman an abortion pill without her knowledge. Miller adamantly denied that claim.

Miller resigned from the consulting firm Teneo in June after he went on a Twitter tirade calling Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler a “fat f–k.”


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