Digital Einstein has now joined the AI chatroom

by Timi Kahinde

Austin, Texas (Washington Insider Magazine) The famous scientist known for his groundbreaking theories in Physics, Albert Einstein is again impacting the new generation. UneeQ, a digital human company based in New Zealand and the United States, launched Digital Einstein to honor the scientist on the 100th year since he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.  

 UneeQ specializes in conversational artificial intelligence (AI) that imitates human interactions to offer personalized and impactful experiences. With the remarkable advances in machine learning algorithms and computer graphics, the popularity of conversational technology across various industries continues to trend upwards. The pandemic has also catalyzed technological innovations by helping us appreciate and maximize the potential of human-machine interactive tools. 

Digital humans use nonverbal cues such as voice tone and facial expression to build an emotional connection by leveraging a combination of sophisticated technologies. Digital Einstein is the newest addition to the company’s companions alongside Sophie, the COVID-19 health advisor, and few others. On its blog, the company indicated that the motivation for its latest innovation was to develop a technology that provides an authentic and effective conversation that could reduce the mental and physical impact of social isolation in this time of contactless communication. It also mentioned that the technology aims for a “face-to-face conversational” platform where the new generation can learn about the scientist’s life and expand our scientific knowledge.

 Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist and considered one of the greatest scientists in history. His theory of relativity changed our understanding of the universe by proving the relationship between spacetime and gravity. Digital Einstein can answer science questions, test the user’s knowledge through daily quizzes and discuss the scientist’s personal life and work, and is accessible 24/7 on this site. 

 The project came to fruition with contributions from Aflorithmic,  a company involved in AI voice synthesis, Goodbye Kansas Radio assisted with photorealistic digital appearance, Greenlight helped with creative rights clearances, and licensing management in conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Wolfram Alpha (AI knowledge database).  




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