Did Covid Leak from a Lab?

by Jan Frazier

Washington, D.C. (Washington Insider Magazine) – According to a new Politico-Harvard poll, it is believed by most Americans now that the coronavirus actually leaked from a Chinese laboratory. There has been a dramatic shift in beliefs during the past year.

During the last year-and-a-half, one belief was that there was human contact with an infected animal; however, now Americans are twice as likely to say that they believe that the virus was the result of a leak from a Chinese laboratory. Scientists, however, still believe that the most likely scenario is a diseased animal.

In a recent poll, it was found that the lab leak in China is accepted by the political right as well as most Republicans and Democrats. 

In March 2020, a Pew Research Center poll discovered that “29 percent of Americans believed the virus was made in a Chinese lab and released either accidentally or intentionally.”  The latest poll shows “52 percent believe the virus came out of the lab, including 59 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Democrats.”

Bob Blendon, a professor of health policy and political analysis at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is interested in the absence “of a large partisan gap on the issue.”

Blendon said, “Usually, our polls find a big split between Republicans and Democrats, so this is unique. More conservative media have been carrying the ‘lab leak’ issue, and it’s been a Trump talking point from the beginning, so we expected people who lean Democratic would say either ‘It’s not true’ or ‘I don’t know.’ But the belief is bipartisan.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical officer, has made the comment that “it’s worth digging into.” Blendon commented that the Democrats are more receptive to the concept with Fauci’s remark. Fauci and other scientists have already said that we may never know for sure.

Blendon added, “That the president thought there was enough evidence to ask intelligence agencies to put together a report sends a signal to Democrats that there might be something there.”


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