Conservationist attacked by own tigers at animal sanctuary in California

by Editorial Team

The founder of a wildlife conservation was injured Saturday when she was attacked by two tigers at an animal sanctuary in California.

Patty Perry had entered the tiger cage “hundreds” of times at the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation in Moorpark without anything going wrong, according to friend Michael Bradbury.

“They began to play with her and the Bengal took both paws and wrapped them around her legs,” he told TV station ABC 7. “She fell on the ground and another tiger jumped on her and began to pull on her before they got her out and she got some lacerations.”

The horrific incident took place during a special event for donors, according to the TV station.

Perry, the founder of the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation, said she believes the tigers did not mean to injure her, Bradbury told ABC 7. She was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

“She said they were playing with her, but when it’s a 600-pound animal, it gets rough,” Bradbury told the Ventura County Star.

She plans to continue to work with the tigers.

“She hopes to get back to it soon,” Bradbury told the newspaper.


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