Capitol Riot Security Failures

by Jan Frazier

Washington,  (Washington Insider Magazine) – A plot to breach the Capitol building was already seen on social media posts in December 2020, according to the officials of Capitol security. The notice even had maps of the Capitol’s tunnels and specific details concerning violence against Congressional members.

One of the users on a pro-Trump blog wrote, “Surround every building with a tunnel entrance/exit. They better dig a tunnel all the way to China if they want to escape.” Another social media post read, “Bring guns. It’s now or never.”

The Capitol Police intelligence division had these posts. Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told “congressional investigators that data on the social media posts was sent only to command staff and never reached the department’s highest level.”

There was “pro-riot chatter” that reached the intelligence division; however, the “full body of knowledge” about the real threat “was not conveyed to the rest of Capitol Police leadership, rank-and-file officers or other law enforcement partners.”

Some bipartisan members of the Senate committee leaders released on Tuesday a 100-page report on the intelligence failures concerning the January 6 insurrection. “The report raps the Capitol Police and federal agencies for security lapses leading up to and during the attack.”

Pittman was faulted because there is discrepancy about Trump supporters’ online threats of violence as well as the public threats. The report decided that there was ”no information on specific disruptions or civil disobedience,” and it declared the individual actions or actions related to small groups weren’t “generally broadcast publicly and were impossible to detect.”

The Capitol Police indicated that there was no real threat according to the information that they had received. However, they were glad for the assessment made by the Senate committees and hoped to improve the system now that information is made clear.

The department claimed that “there was no specific, credible intelligence about such an attack. The USCP consumes intelligence from every federal agency. At no point prior to the 6th did it receive actionable intelligence about a large-scale attack.”


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