Browns WR Jarvis Landry says he played all season with fractured vertebra

by Editorial Team

USA Today- Browns receiver Jarvis Landry revealed Thursday that he has been playing with a fractured sacrum all season and the injury got progressively worse, but he pressed on because he has never missed a game in his six-year NFL career.

“Just talking to the doctors and the early scans from OTAs and things like that, I began with a fractured sacrum and then from there everything else just kinda started going bad,” Landry said Thursday. He visibly limped to the microphone stand for his weekly media interview. reported last week that Landry might need postseason surgery. Landry said Thursday he was encouraged to see a doctor this week as the Browns prepare for Sunday’s season finale at Cincinnati, and part of the reason he didn’t go was that he wanted to finish all 16 games and be with close friend and former LSU teammate Odell Beckham Jr. as he tries to record a 1,000-yard season.

“Little bit of that and a little bit of I wanted to finish the season out, I wanted to be there when he goes over 1,000 and all that,” Landry said in reference to his fear of the diagnosis, his goals and his determination to be there for Beckham’s milestone.

Landry was asked if his injury was muscle or cartilage-related, which prompted him to disclose the fractured sacrum, the large wedge-shaped vertebra at the end of the spine. It forms the base of the spinal column, where it intersects with the hip bones.

Beckham has 954 yards in his first season with the Browns. Landry, just voted a starter for his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl, leads the Browns (6-9) with 81 receptions for 1,092 yards and five touchdowns. It marks his third 1,000-yard season.

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