Australian cop who stoned wombat and then ate it faces no punishment

by Editorial Team

He’s a stone-cold killer.

An Australian cop who stoned a wombat to death and then ate it while off duty will not be charged with a crime, Australian police announced Friday.

South Australia Police conducted both criminal and internal investigations into the incident involving Waylon Johncock and an unfortunate wombat, but concluded that Johncock had appropriate permits to hunt the wombat as an Aboriginal man, ABC News in Australia reported.

A video of the incident, which occurred in Gawler Ranges, South Australia, went viral in early October and prompted massive outrage.

South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens described the video as “disturbing” in a statement posted to Facebook but said he’d been advised that there would be no chance of convicting Johncock of a crime.

South Australia Police provided Johncock with “managerial advice and counselling regarding the implications of social media,” according to the statement. He will remain in his role of Senior Community Constable.


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