Australian authorities conduct largest drug bust on country’s record, seizing $820 million worth of methamphetamine

by Editorial Team

A record-breaking $820 million worth of methamphetamine was seized in Australia Wednesday after being discovered in stereo speakers across Melbourne that were shipped from Thailand.

The bust, which amounted to 1.75 tons of meth as well as 37.4 pounds of heroin — worth $12.6 million — was announced by the country’s border force and federal authorities and is the biggest ever in Australia, according to CNN.

According to the agencies, three late 30-somethings — two men and a woman — imported the drugs and could face life in prison.

Two of the suspects were dubbed “trusted insiders” in customs, according to Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan, but an AFP spokeswoman noted the two were not government employees.

Gaughan said the country “is a lucrative market for drug traffickers only due to the amount of drugs consumed by the public and the price paid for those drugs. This is a social problem that is the responsibility of everyone to address.”

As the speakers were shipped from Bangkok, the AFP says it’s possible the substances had been manufactured in the Golden Triangle — where the borders of the Southeast Asian nations of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand meet, and which is infamous for the drugs it churns out.

The bust was months in the making, after an April incident in which authorities noticed a massive amount of vacuum-sealed drugs in Melbourne at a customs checkpoint. This led to a thorough investigation, which resulted in multiple searches Wednesday and the bust.


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