Atlanta rioters spare beloved Waffle House during George Floyd protest

by Editorial Team

Rioters in Atlanta decided to spare a local Waffle House, amid an otherwise uninterrupted rampage through the city Friday evening.

Video uploaded to Twitter shows the rabble-rousers descending on the iconic breakfast chain before an ad hoc group decision was made to leave it alone.

“Not the Waffle House,” several protesters cried, with others shouting, “No, no.”

Another man said, “Protesters decide to leave Waffle House alone. Atlanta is amazing.”

It was a rare bright spot during a night of otherwise consistent chaos and arson, particularly of small and local businesses. The riots were ignited after George Floyd was killed at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Monday. Chauvin has since been fired and charged with third-degree murder.

While they spared the Waffle House, the CNN Center wasn’t as lucky, with protesters storming the building, throwing rocks and spray-painting the iconic logo.


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