An apple

by Oliver Andonov

I have always wondered: “what is it in the apple, that the mankind, many centuries ago, started perceiving it as a synonym for good and evil”, or as Goethe would say “what was good yesterday is considered evil today”.

Why is an apple tree the forbidden tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the basis of human pre-sin? How did Isaac Newton formulate his theory of gravity by watching the fall of an apple from the tree, according to the legend? What does the synonym of the latest technological revolution, the Steve Jobs’ bitten apple, mean?

The replies of the questions above will continue to be a subject of theoretical debate on many wise men. By involving myself in this worldwide trend that descent from the ancient times to the present day, I took the right to take the apple as a synonym for democracy, the most noble fruit of the world civilization tree.

Departing from the fourth decades of the darkness, the Eastern European countries, including the countries at the Balkans, have received as a gift, the most precious fruit of the world civilization – the  democracy. A fruit that reached its maturity, has passed three centuries through various Scylla and Charybdis, was carefully grewed, nurtured and shaped by a constellation of wise men. Conceived in the foundation of human civilization – the ancient philosophical thought, this priceless fruit of the human mind  was poured out before us – the Balkan tribes, like a shell of pearls. Altruism, sometimes driven by a great desire for charity, can be blind and neglect what is written in the unique world book, The Holy Bible, “Do not throw your pearls before …”.

Our Balkan tribal leaders who changed their gray uniformed communist costumes overnight in flashy branded costumes and became Democrats, took this gift “on the fly.” With the speed of light, until it was still unclear to the plebs what was happening, they appropriated the gift and modified it according to their needs. The Balkan quacks began their feast with a vivisection over the bloody social body of their own lands, exhausted by the decades-long communist experiment. Normally, the results were overwhelming for us ordinary mortals, the limbo condition was an inevitable clue. Immorality, looting, torture in light of achieving the lucrative goals of the rulers and the oligarchy, were placed on the highest state pedestal.

The basic postulate of democracy, so beautifully worded by Abraham Lincoln, “a government of the people, elected by the people and for the people,” for the Balkan tribal leaders was only a screen behind which they hid their necrophiliac attitude towards the people. They made an Orwellian permutation so the power  become law instead of the opposite, and brought themselves in a state of “delirium tremens” due to increased consumption of insufficiently fermented democratic processes. In a state of intoxication, the archetype of the Balkan apple appeared, that Erisin’s “apple of discord” that was never lost, only slightly suppressed.

Receiving the priceless fruit on a platter, behaving like Salome when Herod Antipas gave her the head of St. John, which shone in holiness, without any effort, it just so happened to them, ruthlessly consuming the holy fruit of democracy, hoping it will last indefinitely. These Balkan idlers, accustomed to solve their problems from time to time, did not try to collect the seeds they received as a gift nor to scatter them on fertile soil, to create their own garden to nurture and to produce their good and useful fruits in future. This has always been the case in the Balkans, thus always the problem that the donors of democracy did not understand was: “who will guard them”? The charity of the donors, the strong desire to include the Balkans in Europe and in the democratic processes, the Western democracies, made them short-sighted, so instead of respecting the old Chinese proverb: “if you want to help someone, don’t give him a fish, you teach him to fish ”, they, guided by good intentions, in light with the 20th century principles, gave us a fish, the ones the tribal leaders did not deserve.

As is usually the case, one day, the innkeeper will bring the bill for the amount of fruit consumed, and it will have to be paid. According to the latest processes, this has already happened. Then, suddenly, our tribal leaders quickly sobered up and shone in the full splendor of the immanent hypocrisy, opened a new sheet of paper and wrоte down the culprit. 

They noticed the “culprit” on the blank sheet and showed it to the plebs. Who was the culprit that the tribal leaders pointed out to? Of course, the culprit was the donor! He was guilty of everything, of all the sufferings of the people! Then, they explained the people about the “hypocrisy” of the donor. They complained that the apple was not as beautiful as it seemed, it was rotten and wormy inside. In fact, what a geniality,  the apple was GMO and did not meet our “centuries-old” standards, etc, etc. with all possible “wise” inventions as excuses made by our leaders. Meanwhile, the plebs blinded by the “wisdom” of their leaders, worshiping them as “golden calf” reorganized and began to attack the donors for their “hypocrisy.” Thus, those who show us the way out of the desert, those who give us a water, were replaced by the tribal leaders with the “golden calf”. Translated into the daily political language, tribal leaders deliberately provoke anti-Western sentiment on a daily basis, with long-term consequences for the plebs.

This story about the “wise” Balkan tribal leaders ends as the history teaches us. He who does not learn from their past mistakes on time, will constantly return to the first scale. That is why the Balkan nations, lost in the translation, ordered themselves next to Estrogan and Vladimir, the unfortunates of the Samuel Beckett,  “Waiting for Godot”.

Instead of Godot, I am sure that the donor will come, in a new light and with the same goal, democracy, but this time he will apply a number of other methods, instruments and mechanisms to teach us how to fish, but with honesty and no deception.

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