Activist group says it’s sorry for using Holocaust victims’ remains for art installation

by Editorial Team

Jewish organizations have received an apology after a shocking art installment drew their fury.

The Center for Political Beauty, a German-based activist group, was derided after placing an urn — purportedly filled with the remains of Holocaust victims — outside Germany’s parliamentary building the Reichstag on Monday, reported The Associated Press.

The group claimed it was merely attempting to show the dangers of extremism. The installation, argued the group, served as a warning in times of growing far-right extremism of how conservative forces in Germany helped pave the way for Adolf Hitler’s fascists in 1933.

“We want to apologize especially to Jewish institutions, associations and individuals who see our work as disturbing or touching the peace of the dead according to Jewish religious law,” the group wrote on its website Wednesday.

The Center for Political Beauty is no stranger to outrageous stunts. It had claimed that the urn held victims’ remains excavated from 23 locations near Nazi concentration camps in Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

Soil, which the group claimed contained the remains, could be seen in the transparent urn on a metal pillar.

By Thursday, the urn had been wrapped in opaque black plastic as to obscure the contents.

A staggering 6 million European Jews were viciously killed by the Nazis during World War II. Many of the victims had been transported from Europe to be exterminated in the horrific death camps.


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