3 UK nurses forced to wear trash bags during gear shortage get coronavirus

by Editorial Team

Three British nurses who were photographed wearing trash bags because of the desperate shortage of emergency gear have now all tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a report.

Photos of the trio in the makeshift protective garb sparked outrage in the UK — similar to The Post’s exclusive revelation of identical desperate measures needed by nurses at Mount Sinai West in Manhattan.

Now the three unidentified nurses have all tested positive for the deadly contagion they were bravely trying to battle, according to The Telegraph.

The women were all frontline workers at north London’s Northwick Park Hospital, the first in the country to declare a critical incident after being overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, The Telegraph says.

It is so bad there, more than 50% of staff in one ward — including the matron and ward manager — had all been infected by the bug, the UK paper says.

It comes amid an alarming shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers in the UK, much as in the US.

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