2 women sue Frontier Airlines over alleged sexual assaults by passengers

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Two Denver women are suing Frontier Airlines for failing to help them after they were sexually assaulted by other passengers on flights, according to a report.

The class-action federal suit filed in Denver claims that the budget carrier either didn’t have or failed to follow policies on responding to sexual assaults, the Denver Post reported Tuesday.

One woman claimed she was not allowed to change her seat after she was sexually assaulted on an Oct. 20, 2018, trip to Providence, while the other alleges she was sexually assaulted the following month by a man on a Florida-bound flight.

Both women said they reported the assaults to flight attendants, who didn’t properly notify anyone about the incident, according to the report.

The lawsuit alleges the airline didn’t have law enforcement meet the planes or provide the victims with information about their attackers’ identities, the Denver Post reported.

Frontier spokeswoman Jennifer F. de la Cruz declined to comment on pending litigation, but noted that “the safety of our passengers and crew members is our number one priority at Frontier Airlines and we have strict policies in place to proactively and appropriately respond to reports of misconduct and alleged crimes.”

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