Dr. Fauci and First Lady Jill Biden Visit Covid-19 Vaccination Site

by Jan Frazier

New York (Washington Insider Magazine)  On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci and First Lady Jill Biden made a visit to a vaccination site in Halem. They thanked the people of New York for doing their part in getting vaccinated.

Fauci – who continues to be the ”leading expert in infectious diseases” –and Biden arrived around 4:20 on Sunday at the Abyssinian Baptist Church. This church is one of several “houses of worship” that have been doubling as a vaccination site in New York City.  

Fauci said, “We’re going to end this outbreak with absolute certainty and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination. And that’s why I’m so impressed by being here and so honored to be here” in New York City.

Fauci and Biden visited for about 40 minutes while approximately 15 people received their vaccination.

Annette Gausney, 92, was getting her vaccination because of the urging from her grandson, Shareif Jones. Biden said, “Thank you for setting an example.”

Gausney commented, “I’m not really afraid of needles anyway, but, you know, it’s pleasant when people are pleasant and Biden certainly was.”

Jones, added that his grandmother had hesitated to get the vaccine because the news made it difficult to know what to “really believe and what not to believe.” Jones also said that it’s difficult to explain to a person who has been through a lot in her life. His grandmother is an elderly Black woman.

Many of those getting vaccinations on Sunday were young people. Biden offered her hand to hold while a 14-year-old got her vaccine. Biden said to the young lady, “We definitely want people 12 and over to get vaccinated.”

One of the young ladies was so happy to be next to Biden as she received her vaccine. She said that “it earned her bragging right with friends.”

Nevertheless, outside of the church, “dozens of protesters railed against Fauci, slamming his handling of the pandemic, including revelations made in a recently-released trove of emails.”


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